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1 English statesman famous for his oratory; pleaded the cause of the American colonists in Parliament and defended the parliamentary system (1729-1797) [syn: Edmund Burke]
2 United States frontierswoman and legendary figure of the Wild West noted for her marksmanship (1852-1903) [syn: Burk, Martha Jane Burk, Martha Jane Burke, Calamity Jane]


1 murder without leaving a trace on the body
2 get rid of, silence, or suppress; "burke an issue"

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see burke


Proper noun

  1. One of various places located in the United States. (See Burke in Wikipedia)
  2. an English surname

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Burke may refer to:




Fictional characters

  • Burke (character), the antihero protagonist of a series of novels by Andrew Vachss
  • Preston Burke, fictional doctor on the television series Grey's Anatomy
  • Juliet Burke, a character from the TV series Lost
  • Leslie Burke, a character from Bridge to Terabithia
  • Burke, Carter J., a character from the 1986 movie Aliens


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